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Health Insurances

General Health Insurance

This insurance is prepared to meet all kind of diagnosis and treatment procedures that you will need for your health as well as unexpected accidents or disease outbreaks with the most modern methods in most elite health institutions without a financial worry. Your health expenses are covered in general and special conditions and in accordance with the limits stated in the policy.

In addition to inpatient services, the Private Health Insurance offers health services such as emergency help, family medicine, PSA and Mammography, outpatient care, delivery, newborn baby care and check-up.
Depending on your request, you can  have one of the following health policy packages,
  • Inpatient treatment  package
  • Outpatient treatment package
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment package

Complemantary Health Insurance

If you are looking for a health insurance that will cover your inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses without paying SGK difference in a private hospital, you can get  a special complementary health insurance package from Gemicioğlu Insurance
With this policy
  • You will be covered both inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses in private hospitals with SGK,
  • You will not have to deal with additional fees and procedures.
  • You have to be a Turkish citizen and  be insured under SGK or BAĞ-KUR

Health Insurance For Foreign Citizens


Health insurance is required by government  for foreign residents to  obtain residency permit  in Turkey. Health expenditures  are covered related to diagnoses and treatments realized in special health care institutions for this product in case of illness and / or accident during the period of insurance, provided that they are stated in the insurance and / or in the policy within  the limits, payment percentage and exemption specified in the policy from the guarantee table prepared in accordance with the General Health Insurance General Conditions and the Special Health Insurance Regulations specified in the policy to which the insurance is subject and according to these special conditions.

Travel Health Insurance

We prepare your travel health insurance with a coverage of 30.000 Euro for your visits to abroad.

With Travel Health Insurance, you may have a policy that will cover emergency medical care costs that may arise as a result of emergency illnesses and / or accidents during your travel and stay abroad. The policy is subject to the Health

Insurance General Conditions and Travel Health Insurance Special Conditions and written coverage limits.
Your permanent residence address must be in Turkey to get this policy.


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